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Success Stories

"Before my session with Michele I was really worried about my elderly cat Jack who the vet diagnosed as having an intestinal blockage a month before. He had stopped having regular bowel movements, wasn’t comfortable and didn’t have much of an appetite. Surgery wasn’t an option because of his age. During our phone session, I realized I was resisting and ruminating over Jack’s diagnosis and holding onto the fear of losing him. This session with Michele working on Jack, helped me to find peace and clarity. My heart felt more open. Now it’s been a month after our session and I am pleased to say that Jack is back to having a daily bowel movement and has more energy. I have also felt more at peace about the changes I’ve seen with my best pal as he approaches 17 years of age. I think both Jack and I have had a level of healing and found some inner peace from our session with Michele!"

Shannon Clark
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Pastor Scott is a gentle and beautiful lady and has a way of touching one’s heart. For over 60 years, she has served and prayed for others’ healing and help in and around Jamaica. “I’m sorry for arriving so late,” she apologized, ” but I fell down and hit the back of my head on the concrete floor.” She accepted Michele’s offer to work on her in April 2014. After returning to Canada, Michele talked with her a few times on the phone, and each time, also worked on her. Pastor Scott wrote: “Thanks be to God for His wondrous works towards the children of men. He is a God of variety. He gives gifts to man in various ways for the healing of the nation. Of this person, Michele Ho Lung of whom I now testify about, is one I have proven with a healing package. Where ever you are, at home or abroad, she can and will work on your case, your physical body. That gift she has is remarkable. Therefore I recommend her to anyone who would need her service… I get so much comfort under her care – from arthritis of the joints, diabetes of the blood, hypertension etc. It is a friend who introduced her to me. May God continue to bless her.” Pastor Ismay Scott, Hope Bay, Portland, Jamaica [June 25th, 2014]"

Pastor Ismay Scott
Ordained Bishop, Jamaica

"On Mind over Matter? For some time I have had had pain in my shoulders, a dull joint pain. Michele and I had had a close working relationship for many years, and upon hearing of this, offered to work on me. Michele put her hand on my should and asked questions like, “how would your shoulder feel if it was good”, or “if it felt better, what would that feel like”. She did this for a few minutes with the occasional nod and remark of understanding (“I see”). Then she asked “how does it feel now?” Surprisingly it felt better. My thought today is it is mental diversion, mind over matter. It really does not matter to me what it is, but the strategy worked for me. That was over a year ago and I did not have to go for the surgery I had been seriously considering prior to her working on me."

Sean Botha
Calgary, Alberta, Canada / Zedi Inc.

"On Accessing Different States Of Awareness: Michele has energetically worked with me for approximately seven years. I am going to share one of those recent experiences with you. It was after another event that we had attended, Everyone had left the room except a few people we knew. Michele brought me into such an extremely deep place within self that I could hear the quiet within self. The information that I needed to receive during this session came to me in this state. I believe I was in this state for over an hour. During the course of this work another person who was a friend of mine, came back into the room where Michele was working with me. Her name is Laural. After I was done with my session with Michele, Laural told us that she could hear the sounds within the room as she opened the door. She was able to feel and sense the state as she entered the room.She said it was absolutely amazing! I continued in this state as Michele continued to work with me bringing in a continuous download of information, understandings, learnings and awareness. I stayed in this state of bliss receiving this information (it being solely my information), until I felt it appropriate for me to move. The effects of the information and understandings that I received continue to benefit me and my well being. I am certain that there is no one out there who will not enjoy the experience, kindness and knowledge that comes forward during a session with Michele. I highly recommend Michele’s work to all of you. It is a wonderful experience with lasting benefits!"

Tim Marsh
San Diego, California

"Left Arm …. I had been having problems with my left arm from my shoulder to just below my elbow where it would hurt so much at night when I was sleeping that it would wake me up and keep me awake until I was able to fall asleep again. This had been going on for about 3 months by the time Michele worked on me. As she worked, I noticed sensations in my arm, shoulder and back and by the end of the session, my arm and shoulder felt better and I felt very relaxed and very good. It is about 2 months since Michele has worked on me and my arm and shoulder have not bothered me since. I am amazed since Michele did not touch me at any time during the session. Thank you Michele!"

Azad Jaffer
Rock and Gem Shop, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Sore Back …..After about 4 minutes I was able to stand up straight. I was amazed. I woke up one morning with a terribly sore back. I was unable to stand up straight. Walking was painful. On the second day I was speaking with Michele and mentioned how sore my back was. I didn’t mention exactly where my back was sore but she lightly touched the small of my back on the right hand side and asked if that was the area. I was amazed. It was exactly the area that I was having the problem with. She did something, without touching, and asked me to focus on how the left side felt where there was no pain. After about 4 minutes I was able to stand up straight. I was amazed. I was a little skeptical at first but, after seeing first hand that this method did help the problem, I am now a believer in what Michele can do."

Cathy Taylor
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"BURSITIS … “I did not need to have surgery as the reason No Longer Existed!” I was having pain in my left arm for quite some time. I also had bursitis in the left elbow which the doctors were going to remove with surgery the next day. I could not bend my arm and it was quite a challenge to do some things. Michele noticed that I was rubbing my arm when she was walking by my office and offered to help. She worked with me for while and I noticed the pain in my arm fade and after she finished, I could bend my arm. I did not need the surgery as the reason no longer existed! A few weeks later I had a full session with Michele. The pain in my arm has not returned since and the bursitis has also went away and not returned. This was over 4 years ago. Thanks Michele."

Ken Thompson
Fort Saint John, BC, Canada

"My Sparkle Experience… I came to a conference on crutches. My injured foot, although getting better, was still hurting me. I was curious about the energy work that Michele did as I heard people talk about it, so I asked her about it and what happened next amazed me. Getting to Zero: Michele worked on me for a while and got my pain down to a 1 (I had a dinner date which I had not told her about), but Michele asked me if I wanted to see about getting to “0” as she had not got her “Done” signal yet. She continued a few more minutes and we all pain was gone – We got to “0”! My daughter who was with me said after Michele sparkled my heel: “I know that you aren’t the type of person to say that this works if it doesn’t. Do you really feel ready to walk without your crutches?” “Worked on by an angel!”: We left the Venue and I walked back to our bed and breakfast which was about ¾ mile away, without my crutches. I remember saying to Michele who carried my crutches part of the way, “I feel like I’ve just been worked on by an angel!” The three of us shared a moment of joy as we all enjoyed my freedom from pain. “Sparkled”: My energy is usually upbeat. When I saw a replay of the retreat video and looked at myself coming down the stairs on crutches, I could see I wasn’t my usual bubbly self. I looked and felt tired. I think you re-bubbled me! Connected: Both Michele and I realized that we had not completed what we needed to complete. She had asked me to write a testimonial and we both emailed each other almost simultaneously. I think this was the coolest part of the experience! I love the idea of communicating without using any of the normal routes. Back home: When I got to the airport the day after the retreat, there was a long delay and lots of walking. I got home and found out several weeks later that I had broken my heel, so it was back to wearing a brace and “the boot” for another month. My fracture has healed completely. Reflecting: I had heard about the results people described from having energy sessions with Michele. I have never had energy work before, but I am open to the idea that there are lots of different ways of healing. The session with Michele was interesting and quite a new adventure for me, and as I mentioned, I was amazed. I am a pretty healthy person and don’t need very much medical intervention, so I haven’t ever looked for energy healing experiences. This was my first. I didn’t know what to expect but I appreciate the value I received. Thank you Michele."

Corrine Meharg
Cazenovia, NY, USA

"I was scheduled for hip surgery and my right hip was hurting me. As Michele worked on me, I noticed that my right knee was starting to feel better. I had not mentioned that my right knee had been hurting me although I would have said it was at, on a scale of 1 to 10, at an “8”where “10” was “Very Painful”. When Michele got “done”, the pain in my knee was totally gone. I was able to walk with much more ease when I got up to go home. What was so amazing was that Michele did not touch me at all. She was not working over me directly but was sitting on my left, beside me. I have not had any problems with my knee since and my hip surgery went very well! Thank you Michele!"

Myrna Lee
Unionville, Ontario

"Pain Relief…. I had broken my arm and I was taking 2 extra-strength Tylenol every 4 hours without fail, in order to make the pain manageable. Michele worked on me and it eased the pain and I found that I no longer needed to take pain medication!"

G. Holder
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Cotton Ball Canola Fields… I have had continuous problems with allergies and with my eyes burning for the past 30 years when the canola plant is in bloom, or when I am near anything that is associated with pollen. One day, my eyes felt like there was sand paper in them and were absolutely burning. Being the skeptic that I was I didn’t believe Michele could do anything for me. She started working and before I knew it, after about ten minutes, the burning in my eyes had stopped and I have not had a problem since. All I can say is whatever she did worked and I’m now a believer. Thank you Michele."

Darrell Galusha
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Cobwebs cleared…. After cancer treatment (8 years before), I couldn’t seem to think straight – always foggy thoughts and I could not concentrate on anything. That is the time I met Michele. The first session, she did really help me and within 2 sessions, I was able to think clearly and concentrate. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Patricia Pierera
High River, Alberta, Canada

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NOTE: Michele loves being the facilitator and catalyst for her clients’ transformations, and seeing them achieve their desired results.  The results not unlike other areas of life, depend on each individual’s commitment to change and their effort and investment in themself.  Willingness to change, to adapt and move forward are also key.  Specific results cannot and are not guaranteed however, most are very pleased with their results and if you want different results, then perhaps it is time to try something different. Just s great saying!


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