Experience the Heart in the Art, the Flow in the Lines, the Vibes in Connection...

Michele’s Intuitive Healing Art

"I love art because for me, it's a way to beautifully connect with others and add a little sparkle to people's lives. I connect with "One Love" as the Intention. I connect with the energy and vibration, in the flow, the rhythm and movement of the strokes on my canvas..."

A few words ..

I discovered the artist within me, quite by accident.  It’s a meditative flow and connection.  I started out with gel pens – lines, colours and patterns in flow.  People started telling me they noticed shifts in their energy as they viewed what I now call my Intuitive Healing Art.  Some refer to my art as “abstract expressionism” – I create acrylic and mixed media paintings on canvas and wood.   It’s about connecting, tuning in, and just enjoying the sense of flow was the lines and colours invite you to engage, shift and simply Be."

Sally Friedman (Author, Coach, Political Science professor at the University at Albany, NY),  posted on Facebook, “This is an endorsement for the Sparkle Cards.  They have shifted the energy in my house making it lighter.  Each and every card has its own energy and it is fun and meaningful just to experiment.”  A couple of months later, she remarked to me, “Even sighted people should be able to feel the cards! It’s not just because I am blind that I can feel them."  She had purchased her deck of Feel Good Sparkle Cards because she loved the energies she felt from holding different cards in her hands!

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Gallery - A Sampling...

Note: Where partial images are displayed, "viewing" appointments to see e.g. entire painting may be scheduled for the serious art purchaser. Thank you for your interest.

For Love of The Game Series

This "For Love of the Game Series" were inspired by Michele's dear friend in life and on the badminton courts, Archie Lym, who was a professional badminton coach at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton, Alberta Canada for many years teaching his junior players badminton. The originals for this "For Love of the Game" series of 4" x 6" acrylic on canvas paper paintings are still available. Email [email protected]


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How to Experience The Work –Experiential Art!

Rotate ... Rotate...See what you see...

Pick a painting you like…  Then, rotate, notice, rotate again.  It is all about feeling and noticing and allowing beauty and flow.  Reflect on whether you notice any change in how you are feeling in the space.. Common Comments are:  Something’s Missing…, Something’s Incomplete…The light just got dimmer…, I’m missing it…, I can still see it…   If you are drawn to any of the Inner Reflections series of 4″ x 4″ or 6″x6″ acrylic paintings, check the title and see how it resonates with you in the moment.  You may find this “inner reflection” interesting, fun and intriguing!  Interested in purchasing a piece, simply fill out the form below, or visit Studio 7 at VASA, 25 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. See also, More Paintings etc. on Instagram.

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Note:  Michele accepts commission work.  Email to set up a commission-inquiry appointment at [email protected]  Thank you.  


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