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An Opportunity! Do Something DIFFERENT... For Different Results! From Tired to Energized and Looking Younger ..."

Overwhelmed... Feeling Weighed Down... Can't Sleep... Stressed... Or Just Plain and Simply Worn Out and Tired? Hear what Carol Soderlund had to say about what makes Michele unique as Coach and Mentor - The Gift Michele brings to the table.



Feeling Totally Energized and Free of Stress or Distress, Being Totally at Peace

  • Get clarity - unleash your creative genius
  • Get simple yet powerful tools to add to your tool kit
  • Effectively engage the Law of Attraction


Different Possibilities - Jump Start!

  • Release negative self-talk, doubts and fears
  • Move from “hoping to...", to "feeling better".
  • Get more flow and ease in the “challenge” areas of your life


Positive Change and Engaging Hearts & Minds

  • Big Change comes through people!
  • Get Winning at Quality
  • Learn How you can Improve And Build Relationships and increase sales through simple tools and understanding the Science of Why People Buy.


NOTE: The experiences described in these video testimonials on this page and website are not necessarily indicative of the results others may expect to achieve. Results will vary.

I was a broken person Before...

A beautiful heart-centered, professional, Wilma shares her experience of having Michele as her coach.

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Bursitis, Pain Gone - Avoided Surgery the Next Day!

Ken Thompson - Michele Worked On Me 10 years Ago and (since then) I No Longer have Bursitis or pain in my left arm1


Dorothy Andreas re Michele's Process

Dorothy shares her experience during and after her Sparkle Session with Michele. Unwell to great sleep and feeling refreshed.


Emotional Processing...

"We've been working together for almost 4 years's quite amazing actually..." Dorel Samoila,


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You Helped Change My Life!

Sandra Cortes Rodrigues - For 10 years, Sandra could not talk about her mother and held guilt and regrets about her mother's passing. After one session with Michele, this is her story...


So Much Has Changed...

Eduardo Ruiz Shares His Thoughts ...How so many things have changed in just one year, from depression to Sparkled!



Author | Creator of Sparkle |  Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach | BANK IOS Coach | Sparkle MatrixChi Energy Healing | The Sparkle Approach | Quality Systems Auditor/ISO 9001 Lead Assessor |  Intuitive Artist |

Sitting at my desk in the wee hours of the night, my eyes dry. Blurred words hanging out on my computer screen, feeling so tired. A thought would pop but I couldn't remember what it was in the next second.  Why couldn't people just get it right the first time? Why did I feel like the world was on my shoulders?  I dreaded trying to go to sleep. I wished I didn't feel so alone  I told my mother I was in control of the thoughts in my mind. Deep down I knew this was not true. But back then, I didn't want to admit this even to myself. "I was "In Control"" I kept telling myself as I wore my "professional" always composed mask.

The phone rattled my concentration every time it rang.  It was often a problem that should not have happened in the first place. Problems - so time consuming to address. At end of day, the unchecked "to do's" on my list  staring back at me would "guilt" me. I'd sit back down again thinking "I can get this one thing done now and get a little caught up."

Inevitably, I'd lose track of time.  Got it done! Felt Good! But late once again to face the music at home.. 

At work, I kept on a mask that didn't show the inner turmoil or let onto the arguments at home. It's funny I thought how you could be a hero at work and feel like a failure at home.

Great at juggling balls in the air.  But, in the wee hours of the night, I'd get feeling like a dense, dark and heavy cloud was descending down on me. I'd have to get up so my heart would stop racing and so I didn't feel like I was being sucked under and drowning. 

I'd slide quietly back into bed but watch the hands on the clock move around and around again and reposition my pillows different ways until I fell asleep.

The stack of self-help books under my bed felt like empty promises. Then one night totally fed up, I decided there had to be a better way. I went searching.  I found teachers, mentors, healers and coaches...

I used to think of work, home and family separately. But whether it be business, quality system or more personal issues, there was a common denominator in them all. That was me. I knew I had to find the peace in just being Me. I had to find a way to inner peace, calm, assuredness in knowing who I am, who I was. I needed to keep healthy to continue to look after my family, my children. 

I realized there was a need for balance.  I have 30+ corporate years' experience that included landing my first quality management position where I got an oil and gas manufacturing company ISO 9002 Certified in a year (not having any of the stated job "qualifications"). 

I knew I needed to get deep, to the heart and soul of me, of who I was. I needed to learn how to love and be more gentle with myself. I needed to to learn how to tap into my knowing, open my heart and become more aware of me - to listen to my intuition. 

The truth and fact of the matter

Everything starts with You. Your world is a Reflection of You.  What you think about and focus on, your perspectives...this impacts what you attract into your life.  

I decided I wanted more nice synchronicities. I willed myself to make changes in how I showed up - to become more self aware and to do this with open mind.  I did this because I knew transformation was possible.

I was tired of feeling like a yo-yo on a string. I'd get myself "pumped" to go to get feeling good, only to get unwound (by something happening in life). I'd feel like I was  plummeting down a dark scary hole with my heart in my throat, and struggle to stop it by talking myself back up again, only to get taking a deep dive again... Up, down, Up and then  down again?

Do you know how this feels?  It's downright exhausting. 

Here’s the Good News...

I found my way...but then, on Christmas Day 2007, If going through that wasn't enough, I had a bad spill skiing at Kananaskis (Calgary, Alberta), tumbled head over heels landing with my right knee in a position no knee should be in.  Long story short, it took me on a spiritual healing journey that led me to discover that I had a gift of healing.  My client, psychiatrist Judy Hogan, named it "Sparkle" and since others agreed they felt "Sparkley" too, "Sparkle Sessions"  they became!

So from this all came The Sparkle Approach.  It starts with you being the CEO of You - you know, being in Total Control of All Aspects of Yourself?  If you are also a mover and shaker and  looking for  answers, tired of feeling like you're the yo-yo on a string going up and down, up and down. There IS a another, better Way! 

 Ready to open up to shift and change?  Open to Going at 'er using a new approach?

I teach my  clients how to get clarity of purpose to  feeling fulfilled in 3 Simple Steps.

ACKNOWLEDGE where you are and where you want to go, assessing objectively the gaps, get out of your own way and start creating a Life by Design and not live a Live by Default?   ACTIVATE your inner Spark as you find you have the energy and the mindset to lay out your plans, get moving with proven processes and systems so you can ACHIEVE your all, your goals and dreams with ease and flow, totally feeling fulfilled.

If the quiet alone times are your worst, you probably have Gremlins coming out to play.  They start nattering at you with all the negative thoughts. Worse is when they stir up the anxiety…the doubts... the fears.

 It starts and ends with You and your relationships with Yourself and the people around you.  How you're showing up, what you're telling yourself. 

The impossible becomes possible when you can harness your inner Divine Spark and then power up (get your mojo going) so nothing stops you.  It’s a challenge to get to that heightened peak performance level. Then, it's "How do I stay here?" Some say it's not possible... 

I say it IS.  When there's Sparkle added to the equation.

So, back to business…

Do you like to start from the top 40,000 foot view and then drill down on priorities and then move back up somewhere in between, where the path leads? 

I do. 

I like to meet the players, understand their roles, find out what their super powers are, as well as their challenges.  There are conversations that must be had, eg. setting of objectives and goals, available resources, timelines and deadlines, processes and identifying of risks.

People are key. They get the work done.  How to get the best work done? There is an art and science to this.

I love empowering others to ACKNOWLEDGE their skills and talents as they achieve clarity on their purpose, Assess their situation, by identifying the gaps and make plans to improve also challenging the status quo where it makes sense. They ACTIVATE their Inner Spark, Develop, Design and Deploy a strategic Plan that they take Action on . They ACHIEVE success as they transform their lives. I absolutely love when my clients get the results they desire and start feeling GREAT!

My mission is to “Sparkle” the world One Sparkle at a time, where a “Sparkle” can be a person, a group, or a business."  I believe in empowering others - determined, purpose-driven, heart-centered Leaders who wish to help and make our world a better place. Who are in it for the long haul in continuously improving and learning.

The Secret is learning how to be  a totally effective CEO of You.  

You're here with me this far so you're likely very seriously exploring your options to tune up your game.  Interested in having a conversation?  Book a Breakthrough Call with Michele.

It is a well known fact that smiling, laughing and happy distractions are food for the soul and brings a skip to our walk. I bring levity, fun and seriousness uniquely blended, to client sessions.  I also bring the secret sauce of my gift of Sparkle as a catalyst and facilitator of transformation, shift and change. I have been told by other quantum healer intuitives that I am using Language of Light but in my unique way.  Check it out nuh!  That’s the Jamaican in me.   Note:  I accept a limited number of applications for my one-on-one VIP coaching one year (renewable) program.

"Working with Michele as my business coach has been amazing! Not only has she helped me identify my values and goals, she has assisted in creating a map of how to get where I want to be…… She has taught me many tools to stay grounded and positive in this journey. I believe the greatest advantage Michele offers is the energy she brings to the table. Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious; she really does SPARKLE, and she is teaching me to do the same. It is a real pleasure working with Michele. I am grateful for her optimism, energy and wisdom."

Dr. Colette Boileau
Colette M Boileau Professional Corp

Michele’s great energy work is truly amazing. I have seen her work carry me through various phases of depression and feeling lighter, more accomplished after each passing session. Though at first I was very skeptical of this type of coaching done, I am very happy to have learnt from Michele Ho Lung. I would challenge anyone who has the feeling of being lost of overwhelmed to try this fascinating process out. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK MICHELE!

—Sean Lyn

Business Professional, Kingston, Jamaica

I am convinced …this has produced the rejuvenation I am experiencing in my personal and professional life.
A sincere word of thanks Michele for the session! While I pride myself on my awareness and understanding of the benefits to mind body and spirit that come with belief in possibility thinking, I was not prepared for the impact your session had on me. As you proceeded I felt totally relaxed yet highly energized. My creativity became focused and a myriad of unexpected solutions flowed clearly to mind. Now, three months later, I am convinced that you brought together a number of energy sources in a unique style that has produced the rejuvenation I am experiencing in my personal and professional life. Well done, I’m looking forward to a repeat session!

—Romeo Lemieux

Author of Right Side UpSide Down.
Professional Development Consultant / Lemieux Language & Education

My Decision Making Skills Have Greatly Improved!”

Michele, Just a quick note to thank you for all your help. I recall the couple times you visited Toronto, and were able to relieve my pain from a couple injuries, more specifically my severely sprained thumb and an old ankle injury. I’d quite honestly forgotten about them.

Recently, I took you up on your offer to treat me over the phone. With the many techniques you taught me, my back ache has lessened and my decision making skills have greatly improved. I have learned to concentrate on the outcomes I desire and am seeing rewarding results. Keep up the great work! I am ever so grateful you took the time with me!

—Karen Yee

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get Top of Your Game and be able to STAY there Potentially once you have the right mindset, the right tools, the right space, Most of the time?  Learn from Michele, How To  First, ACKNOWLEDGE at levels deeper perhaps than you've ever done so, You! Where you're at, Where You Want To Go. And, with A Crystal Clarity You may Potentially Never Have Got to Before.  Second, ACTIVATE Your inner Spark with a Plan and Strategy that will help you Create that which you would like to Third, ACHIEVE with Proven Systems, Processes and Steps that are simple, straight forward and that work, in flow and with ease. 

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GUARANTEE:  If during the first first session Michele or the client find they do not wish to continue with the sessions (e.g. do not absolutely Love working with each other, are not in resonance energetically etc.) Michele will provide a Refund to the Client.

NOTE:: Specific Results Are NOT Guaranteed. as healing energy will flow where it needs to go and Results are Unique to Each Person.

To save time on the call, you may describe the type and nature of your "challenges." as you are providing answers in the questionnaire. 

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What would it be like to have an Accountability Coach who not only supports you on your journey, but additionally, saves you decades of searching, trying to find ways to keep yourself at top of your game like waving a magic wand potentially diffuse your stressors. .  What if potentially, you find yourself ever so gently, feeling, being and doing better and better, with the "things" that previously would cause you to self-sabotage or hinder your progress, becoming less and less of an issue.  And all because you are learning and progressing forward as you learn and are guided with proven steps and Sparkle wisdom?  Only the Serious and heart-centered Need Apply NOW as Spots are LIMITED to to a handful only and once they are filled that's it..

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* Coaching Calls are typically 50 minute calls   

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